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Welcome to the CurlingZone Team Manager has established a virtual Team Management System to allow for Teams to manage their Tour profiles on the World Curling Tour, Ontario Curling Tour and CurlingZone websites. CurlingZone provides event coverage for many curling events during the season, and you now have the opportunity to manage most team content.

The Team Management System is the key to unlocking information management, player and sponsor resources, and tying it all into one central location to be used by multiple users in charge of their own responsibilities for the team. Connect portions of your Tour profile to your own Team website, or utilize the Team Management System to turn your Tour Team pages into a mini-website, to show off to sponsors, and keep fans, friends and family up to date on progress throughout the season

This site is part of the network of sites, and your login and password will give you access to the Team Management System. If you haven't registered yet, register below.

Once you have logged in, follow instructions on how to link your username to you player profile.

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